Headed by Mariel Graupen, POWERED BOX is a team of professionals specialized in Human Resources management services.

Mariel has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, and she graduated from Universidad del Salvador. She is also an Ontological Coach graduated from Escuela Argentina de PNL y Coaching and an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited member.

Along her professional career, Mariel has occupied high responsibility positions in leading international companies, such as Exxon Mobil, DHL Global Forwarding, JAS Forwarding Worldwide, including positions in Human Resources Management in Argentina, Southern Cone and ending her corporate career as a Vice-president of HR for Latin America.

  Company learning is an ongoing process.
Powered Box designs tailored training programs that suit customer’s needs and offers various service modalities.

· Trains your company resources in the skills required by the organization.

· Designs training programs and delivers them across any organization that may require so.

· Designs courses and provides them to the Company to be delivered by in-house trainers.

· Trains multipliers within the organization through the “Train the trainers” program.

· Certifies the training to head offices (either in English, Portuguese or Spanish) to deliver corporate courses across the region.

  In addition, Powered Box offers an exclusive and distinctive service on the market: Follow-up after training through Skype, monitoring the effectiveness and application of lessons learned.  
This is a powerful tool based on a conversational method through which the coachees find their own personal resources to enhance their capabilities and thus achieve personal, work, and company objectives not yet achieved.

This service enables CEOs, Managers, Heads, employees and working teams to find new alternatives to achieve their objectives.

Coaching also helps high-potential employees to develop specific skills for them to get ready to occupy higher responsibility positions.


Powered Box offers ontological coaches accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) specialized in corporate matters.

It offers the following coaching service modalities:

One to one executive coaching
Team coaching
Coaching via Skype (at domestic and international level)*

* This service helps save additional expenses such as transportation, accommodation, etc.


The size and complexity of companies and their fast-speed changes and events may require a diagnosis. This analysis helps the company take better, more effective and result-oriented decisions.

Powered Box makes the company diagnosis and offers various supplementary services that enable the company not only to acknowledge its situation but also to implement changes.


In a globalized world where technological resources help us create virtual working teams, performance management has turned to be an even more critical tool than in the past years.

With this customized service, the company may know its talents map to find the right person in the right position at the right time, thus offering

employees the necessary career development.

Powered Box works jointly with the company’s leaders to establish the skills required and the business variables to be measured. Powered Box also trains all staff members to understand not only how it works but also how important this tool is.


One of the most complex tasks across companies is to identify talented people that will become, among other things, tomorrow’s leaders.

Powered Box provides this service to

help companies manage replacement charts. Not only based on the tools necessary for doing it, but also to lead Management discussion meetings in terms of company objectives.


Productivity is definitely a key factor in achieving business success. To achieve this, it is necessary to have the adequate structure design.

Powered Box offers professionals specialized in structure design and process analysis to enhance the company’s capabilities.


In modern organizations, change is continuous. However, people offer resistance, which makes the process difficult.
Powered Box provides Change Management services through the use

of specific tools that help organizations in their change processes. The objective is to achieve successful implementations with the acceptance and buy in from employees at all levels.